Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring has sprung!

I don't cache much in the winter. According to my stats on It's Not About the Numbers, my longest cache drought has just been broken at 45 days from January of this year to March 15. I'll attend events and grab some easy ones and still go after a FTF, especially if the crazy Kentucky weather will allow. I just don't like being cold at all!

Yesterday wasn't tremendously warm, but the girls and I were heading to visit a sick relative in the hospital in a nearby town. I'd never cached around this area before and figured it would be a good time to finally pick up a few. This town was perfect for caching with my kids too, mostly fairly good size caches and only a few micros. We met some new cachers at one of the first caches as well. We ended up with a find count of 7 for the couple of hours we were out.

Finding the caches of course was fun, but the best part of the day was seeing the signs of spring all around. This year spring means a lot more to me than most for several personal reasons and I've been anxiously waiting for it. Out in the middle of the woods near one of the caches we found, was a field of buttercups (also known by people from not around here as daffodils)! It was such a sign of upcoming warmth and better days. I love when caching takes me places and I find beauty unexpectedly! I now have this wonderful memory of my three girls excitedly picking flowers and having a very fun day just with their Mommy.
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Jim said...

Why do you build me (build me up)
Buttercup, baby,
Just to let me down (let me down)
And mess me around,

And then worst of all (worst of all)
You never call, baby,
Whey you say you will (say you will)
But I love you still.

Webfoot said...

Very nice. Spring has sprung elsewhere as well, even here in Southern California. With the drought that we've been having, this past winter's rains were a welcome respite. With all the water, the deserts are in full bloom right now as well. Caching in the spring is probably as good as caching in the fall. Perfect weather all the way around.

chaosmanor said...

Caching in a new area is always interesting, and often a lot of fun :-) I take a fair number of day trips for various reasons, and I try to combine at least a little caching (and a benchmark or two if I'm really lucky :-) with each trip. Seeing how other cachers do things gives me ideas for new caches of my own, and seeing the places that the locals consider to be important or interesting is always fun.

BTW: out here, "buttercups" are a yellow oxalis with long stems :-D

Scott Booker said...

I actually didnt think I would enjoy caching in the winter...but what we did was take advantage of the nicer days...and the easier finds. LOL But like you...our longest day without a find was in the winter months as well.

Sounds like you all had a good day....and I love the pics!!

Happy Caching!