Saturday, April 12, 2008

A day with my son

One of my friends said to me via email this week, “They say that there is nothing so dangerous as a new convert” in regard to my sudden interest in capturing virtual flags. This might be true, as I tend to get kind of obsessive about things that I really like. But then again, I think many people do the same thing. I took the Tadpole out today to capture some flags and find some caches, trying to get him out of the house on a gorgeous day. Our high today here hit 93°. At least that’s what it said on my backyard thermometer this afternoon. I’m sure it was hotter in other places. After reading about weather in other parts of the country, I'll take it.

Anyway, I finally convinced the Tadpole that I needed a navigator to help me out with all the twists and turns in the streets I would be driving today. Somewhere in the conversation, In-n-Out was also mentioned and he readily said yes. Our goal today was to capture five flags in our local area and find 10 caches, a two for one ratio. It looked doable at the time. Well we all know how that goes.

I was seriously thinking about writing a blow by blow description of the day’s happenings, but then decided that it might be too over the top for some. I might be becoming too dangerous for my own good. And I really can’t say why GeoVexilla intrigues me so; it just does. Suffice to say, we didn’t hit our quota, finding only two flags (Haiti and Dominica) and striking out on two others due to private property issues, but that's the way the game plays out sometimes. We also found four caches and had a great time together just enjoying each other’s company while we spent some time using billion dollar satellites to hunt for small hidden things. We’ve already decided where we’re going next weekend for some more caching, so all is good in life at this point in time. He’s getting out of the house into the fresh air and so am I which is the important thing.

After logging all of our caches and flags, I decided to play around a little bit with one of the pictures I took today. With our two flag captures, we were incredibly fortunate to actually zero out on the virtual flag in both instances. One was actually out in the street, so when there weren’t any cars coming, we quickly walked out to ground zero and then walked back, but the other one was in a parking lot of an industrial complex, so we were able to get some pictures. I decided to take a picture of my son at ground zero and then later got a copy of the flag of Dominica that we “captured” there and created the image that’s here now. Just a little bit of whimsy to round out our day together.

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Hick@Heart said...

I'm actually a bit scared to look at that website for fear that I'll be out capturing flags and one addiction is quite enough for me. Any way for you and the tadpole to go and enjoy the outdoors and each other is definitely worth it.

Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

Webfoot said...

You'd actually be surprised. There's not that many flags near any of us. I've captured four flags, but they've stretched from Long Beach down to San Clemente.

The San Clemente Flag is actually one of only two that are readily accessible to you at the moment. We've sort of taken the notion that there are lots of geocaches and few flags out there. The flags are a diversion, but they might take us to new areas where we could geocache, so we'll look where flags are, then we can decide to create spot PQs around them and go there. Find the flag, then get some caches as well. We'll be doing that next weekend in the Riverside area.