Monday, June 23, 2008

No Cut and Paste here

Saturday was a very hot day in Southern California. So what did I do? I celebrated the beginning of my summer vacation by going out to the desert. I figured with air conditioning, it wouldn’t be that bad and actually it wasn’t. Final totals are in and my friend Chaosmanor and I found 38 geocaches (which was a personal best for me for the day), three dashpoints, two geovexilla, four benchmarks, of which two were in the system and I created two waymarks.

I spent a good nine hours on Sunday after church documenting all of that, mainly because I don’t believe in the cut and paste method that some people use when they go on a cache numbers run. As a cache owner, it bugs me when I see the same log in local caches after a cache numbers run has happened.

“I was out with my friends on a cache run. We found many wonderful caches and yours was one of the ones we found."

Big Whoopie do. So what is that saying? That my cache was wonderful, or that they found wonderful caches and mine just happened to be in the mix but wasn't really wonderful?
As a cache owner, I’d like to hear about your experience that you had finding my cache. What did you see? Did you like the hike? How about the find itself – was it challenging?

Saturday, we had many challenging caches, we also had some fairly easy ones thrown in there as well. All 38 logs that I wrote were different and unique, even for the two caches that had the same name in different parts of the desert. I had a friend of mine recently tell me, “I don’t know how you do it,” referring to my “longwindedness” of my logs. Well, I view it as part of the fun of geocaching. It’s just something that I do and it’s something that I wish others would do as well. I’ll write about some of the experiences in upcoming blogs. Now that I’m on vacation, I have a lot of free time, that is unless my wife’s “honeydo” list doesn’t get too exceedingly long.

Pictures were taken at the following benchmarks:



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