Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Weather

The second of three storms blew through here today.  We actually had blue sky this morning with some overcast, but the day became progressively colder and darker.  It started raining hard just after noon.  These pictures were taken around 4 in the afternoon after a half an inch of rain had fallen.  We've received more rain since then and now the biggest storm is coming.

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Erika Jean said...

nice capture!

chaosmanor said...

Very nice :-) I especially like the second of the two, with the gray clouds as a backdrop. Did you happen to see any secondary bows?

I was out once, some years ago, with one of the kids, after a rainstorm. We not only saw a strong bow, but a secondary one, *and* a hint of a third, inside the other two :-o Very unusual, and while I tried to take a photo of it, I got nothing on the third, and only a few traces of the second.

I was out geodashing once, up near Cuyama on Highway 166. It was pouring rain on the highway, but there was a spot, maybe a minute wide, where the sun was shining on the hills to the north. A *very* strong rainbow was projected across those hills, very low to the ground, so only 20º or so of arc across: spectacular! I don't believe that I was able to get a shot, as the shoulder was dirt (mud), and it was gone when I came back ten minutes or so later.

Everyone! Feel free to post any rainbow photos you want; I can never get enough of them :-)

Webfoot said...

If you look in the second picture, you can see something right at the bottom of the rainbow. It almost looks like the beginning of a second bow, directly under the first. Was very strange looking when I saw it which is what prompted me to take the picture in the first place.