Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where is that thing?

Every now and then, I will come upon a cache that I feel is just well done.  That was the case last weekend with East Canyon Log-In.  The coordinates were slightly off on this particular cache, but being thirty to fifty feet off in a rural setting is a lot different in many ways to being the same distance off in an urban setting.   Some will argue that the urban setting would be easier in that instance while, I'm sure, others would argue the other way around.

What helps is the cache page write up, which is one of the reasons I really liked this particular cache.  If you go to the cache page, you'll notice that I've placed it on my top 5% list.  Making my list in no way implies that the cache is a great cache.  It only means, that in some small way, it either tickled my fancy, or I felt it was creative in some way.  This one, I think, did both.

The cache itself, is a small jar, which would be difficult to spot in thigh high foxtails and thistles.  However, the cache page write is very much like a decrypted hint in helping the finder find the cache.  I'm not saying that's necessary all the time, but it sure is helpful, especially when you have tree cover that reduces the accuracy of the GPSr in your hand.

The second part of this cache that I really liked was the cache container.  As stated is was a small jar, but what way the jar was incorporated with the surrounding environment helped get this cache onto my list.  I actually would have wanted to be a fly on the nearest tree when the cache hiders brought this cache here.  I think it would have been very entertaining.

The only other question I have is, where do you think the cache is hidden?  It might be obvious, or it might not be.

On a side note.  Some of you might have noticed that I've gone to moderated comments.  I have done that because recently, I have been getting spam comments.  Obviously, the person who has been doing this hasn't gotten the message and continues to post links to pages that I would find objectionable if my youngest were to click on them.  Since he reads this column from time to time, I felt it necessary to go to moderated comments.  To that person - if you continue to reply to this blog with links to semi-pornographic sites with no other intent other than to generate traffic to your own site, your posts will continue to be summarily rejected.  I apologize to my other readers for this action, but I feel it is necessary to keep this a family friendly blog.

Picture was taken near East Canyon Log-In - by BearandDirtybird

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Erika Jean said...

Just going by the name of the cache, I'd guess that log right there in the front??

I <3 creative caches! Thnaks for sharing!

I too get spam so I mod. my comments. Such a hassle, but a must :-/

Erika Jean said...
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Anonymous said...

So far, the built-in spam blocker at Wordpress has been effective for me, but I know it can get to be quite a nuisance.