Thursday, May 29, 2008

Waymarking Churches

Waymarking has a category for Lutheran churches so I decided to list my home church. The waymark for it can be found here. The church of the Nazarene and the Catholic church in town has also been done in the categories for their denominations. I like the fact that people thought it was worthy to create these categories.

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Webfoot said...

It's really interesting that waymarking has so many diverse points of interest in it. While I wouldn't be interested in churches, per se, it would have been nice to have a waymark last summer for the Catholic Church on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. No one seemed to know where it was and the directions in the park guide had us going clear out of our way, so much so, that we were almost late for service, finding out later that we'd walked right by the place a half an hour earlier.