Monday, August 11, 2008


It's interesting how different GPS units measure the same information. This past Saturday, my friend Chaosmanor and I went out Geocaching, Geodashing and capturing some flags as well. It was a fun day, with a lot of variety in it. I guess you could say it was the balm that made missing the camping trip a little bit better.

The first dashpoint we attempted, our GPSrs were agreeing with each other almost down to the smallest detail. The picture of our two GPSrs are each pointing at the rock in the center between the two. When they were placed down, they both read zero. After we had taken our pictures and notes, we looked at the GPSrs and they were both pointing at the rock and registering 1 foot away.

Surprisingly, later in the day, at our last dashpoint, the closest we could get to one another while trying to zero out on the point was about 25 feet. We've noticed similar things on other caching trips we've taken, but usually it's a difference between makes, the old Garmin vs. Magellan type of thing. Saturday's discrepancy was between different models of Garmins. I have a eTrex Legend C and his, I believe is a 60 Cx. I haven't talked with him yet, but I also waymarked another water tower near the dashpoint we got early in the day. He also took readings but I'm not sure how they compare to mine for accuracy. With the hand held models, I wouldn't expect the greatest accuracy, but I found the difference as we went through the day curious.

Pictures were taken out in the Antelope Valley near dashpoints:

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