Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Caching Types?

This was found via a friend's blog and shamelessly copied here. I very rarely inhabit the forums at (too much angst most of the time), so I'll post my answers here.

Micro or Regular? Regular There was a time when I wouldn't hunt micros at all, but then decided that if I wanted to cache at all, I better find some of these. I will never hide a micro, unless it's part of a multi-cache with a larger sized cache at the end.

Traditional or Multi? Traditional, although a good multi-cache is worth its weight in gold in my opinion. Multi-caches are more fun to find in a group setting.

Mystery or Earth? Both. It depends upon my mood. Usually mystery caches are more work before the actual finding, whereas earthcaches are usually more work in the field.

In a group or alone? It's more fun to cache with someone else. Large groups tend to be ponderous though. It's like going to Disneyland and trying to figure out what ride to go on next. There are ten different opinions and everyone wants his/her way. That's why groups of four or less work well there and caching. The largest group I've cached in was four and even then it became problematic because one person became petulant when he didn't get his way. I haven't cached with that person since. Life's too short.

Hiding or Finding? Obviously, I find more than I hide at a 100 to 1 ratio approximately, but I do enjoy the hide, especially when I can create a challenging cache, or make some good camouflage for the cache.

Virtual or Webcam? Virtual. Both can give you that wow factor, but many webcams are street corners or such and don't really do much for me. I've found one webcam while I've found over 100 virtual caches.

Letterbox or Wherigo? Letterbox. I've never done a Wherigo cache, although a friend of mine has encouraged me to try one saying that I have the temperament or intelligence to get into that type of caching. I'll have to upgrade the GPSr before I start down that road.

Favorite GPS? Mac. I guess it's what you get introduced to first when you start out. My father in law had a Garmin, so I started with a Garmin because that was what was familiar to me. I've used a Magellan and there are some nice characteristics about them as well.

Social(event) or not? For the most part, Not. I've attended 8 events. If I don't attend another, that will be OK.

FTF'er or not? I wrote about First to Finds in the past. I haven't had a FTF since December 15th, 2007 and if I don't get another one, that's OK. I prefer to find a seasoned cache, mainly because I feel my thought processes and geosenses work better after reading the logs on a cache page. In other words, I don't characterize myself as an expert finder, so I need all the help I can get.

Podcast listener or not? I listen on occasion. I've actually been interviewed several times for's broadcasts.

Out of state or In state? California is a big state and if you live anywhere near the coast, it's a good five hours to get to another state, so it's definitely in-state. According to my stats and It's Not About the Numbers stats, I've found 39 caches in Arizona, most of which were found two summers ago on a camping trip to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. I've also found 3 caches in Nevada and 11 in Utah. We were set to find some in Oregon last summer, but that fell through, so we'll try again next year.

"Extreme/Hardcore" or Layed back? Although some of my friends would say I'm hardcore, I'd like to think I'm more laid back about my caching. I enjoy getting out, but it's not my reason to live. I have a lovely wife and three children who come first.

Urban / Rural? Rural. When I first started caching, it was all about the hike. I liked geocaching because it got me to try some of those trails in "my own backyard" that I wouldn't have considered before getting into the hobby. I never knew Claremont Wilderness Park existed until I discovered geocaching. Now, most of my hides are in that park.

On a personal note - I'm pretty sure my dad doesn't read this blog, but I'd like to wish him a happy birthday today and quote a couple of lines from a favorite Dan Fogelberg song.

I thank you for the music
And your stories of the road
I thank you for the freedom
When it came my time to go
I thank you for the kindness
And the times when you got tough
And, Papa, I don't think I said
I love you near enough
Pictures were taken at or near the following geocaches:
Grassy Hollow - by John, Donna and Slipper
Eye Spy Another Eye in the Sky! (Webcam Cache) - by Just a Short Walk
Pizza Night with the Sax Man - by Team GPSaxophone
Indian Rock Cache - by Trees House Clan

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