Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back from the dead

Yesterday, after a very enjoyable day caching with my friend Chaosmanor, I received an email.  Actually, I received a lot of emails, but there were three that were extremely intriguing.  All three were from Geocaching and all three dealt with a travel bug of mine called Carleen's Dirty Golf Ball.  I'd pretty much given up on Carleen's Dirty Golf Ball, mainly because it hadn't seen the light of day in over five years, so I was intrigued by the fact that I'm getting emails stating that geocacher bennet had grabbed the golf ball.

Bennet had found the golf ball in a cache, but not the cache the travel bug was listed to be in.  Bennet then virtually dropped the travel bug into the correct cache, then grabbed it again, so it would have the correct mileage on it.  Then bennet placed it into another cache yesterday.

Originally, the golf ball was supposed to go to a cache in Nebraska where Carleen would hopefully find it.  The golf ball had been silent for so long that I had to re-do the travel bug page since Carleen has since moved to Illinois.  I guess this means that you should never give up on your travel bugs.  You never know when they might just show up again.

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Carleenp said...

I was quite surprised, and of course pleased, to see this one back in action again!!!!

chaosmanor said...

This has to be something close to the record for MIA Travelers that suddenly rose from the dead :-o TB tags haven't been around for much longer than this! Nifty story; thanks for telling it :-)