Monday, September 28, 2009

Reset more than once

After taking my son up to Santa Cruz for his first quarter at college I had an entire day to leisurely drive home. I took the 101 south to Paso Robles, then took the 46 east over to the Central Valley. For those of you who are film buffs, or know the history of this road, the 46 is the road that the actor James Dean died on, back in September of 1955. Excess speed and a car turning left in front of him proved to be his undoing. There are monuments along the road dedicated to James Dean and I found a cache that day entitled James Dean's Last Ride.

At a spot just off the 46, I found a bridge that a cache was hidden near.  At first I thought the cache was going to be attached to the bridge, but after surveying the bridge, I realized that it was probably down below in the stream bed.  It was very hot that day and it was getting toward noon and I figured that with my low blood sugar and the fact that I was alone on this trip now, it probably wouldn't be prudent to expend much energy getting down to the cache and then climbing back up the embankment.  I suspect I'll be driving that route many times over the next couple of years, so I'm pretty sure I'll have other chances to get that particular cache.

I did notice a very nice benchmark on the bridge.  At first glance, I didn't expect it to be in the geocaching benchmark system since the benchmark was dated 1978.  I was even more convinced that this one wouldn't be in the system since the cache page for the cache under the bridge stated that the bridge had been washed out in 1996.

And yet, when I got home, I looked it up and found the benchmark in the system.  They reset the benchmark, hence the name of the benchmark.  Curiously, it appears as if this particular bridge has been washed out more than once since the description from 1978 states that it was reset in a newly constructed bridge and the owner of the nearby cache states the bridge was washed out again in 1996.  If all this were true, then this benchmark really does deserve the name of reset.  Either way, it's fun to reconstruct some of the history of the local area based upon finds like this.

Pictures were taken at or near the benchmark C617 Reset.

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Just John said...

What a neat picture! The obvious contrast is really a grabber.

I hope you stop by there again and get the find!