Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday, my friend Chaosmanor and I trekked back out into the desert to complete the Groundspeak Series of caches.  Last Saturday, we'd completed the lower half of the G+, getting 19 of the 40 caches in the series.  We hiked the lower portion, putting in about 6 miles of  hiking to get the 19 caches.

Fast forwarding to this week and we heading up to finish it off, getting the other 21 caches plus the mystery cache and perhaps the bonus cache.  We were also playing GeoVexilla, the virtual "Capture the Flag" game that we both play, so we figured that since time might be short, we would try to drive to many of the caches still needed to complete the series.

We still ended up hiking about 4 miles on Saturday, giving us over 10+ miles of hiking on the route to get all of the caches.  We'd looked at the terrain maps and without a high clearance vehicle, the bonus cache was going to be too tough of a hike, especially late in the day, so we opted not to do that one.  The last 7 caches were part of a 2+ mile round trip hike over extremely rough terrain.  We were up to the challenge and it was in the very last cache that we found the last set of coordinates for the mystery cache.

We'd also run into other cachers out on the G, all of which were from my local area.  Funny how you have to drive 45 miles to meet up with people who live in your own neighborhood, but that's the way it worked. We ended up running into them on four different occasions including at the final mystery cache.  After the log had been passed around, we told some geocaching tales, enjoyed each other's company and then parted ways to head back to our respective homes.  This was a series well worth the adventure.

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Erika Jean said...

Great job on making you G+ all smiles ;-)

Just John said...

Fond memories of camping in that area with my dad!