Sunday, March 14, 2010


This really isn't a story about spoilers in geocaching, but more about the name of the cache that I found yesterday.  It's actually one of several I found yesterday, but I'll be writing about this particular one, since it has special meaning.

My friend Chaosmanor pointed out a series of caches just north of where the Smiley series was which we attempted and completed last year at the end of February.  This new series, is larger than the Smiley series, with about 40 caches as opposed to the 26 involved in the other series.  It creates an overlarge Groundspeak symbol on the desert floor and surrounding foothills.  Each cache was named after a different part, or aspect of Geocaching, things like GC Codes and Archive.  One of the ones I found with Chaosmanor yesterday was the Spoilers cache.

With a planned geocaching trip out to the desert yesterday, we both knew I would cross over a major milestone of cache finds on Saturday (3000).  It really didn't matter which cache ended up being the 3000th, more that I was out with a friend enjoying the game and having a good time.  As luck would have it, the 3000th also happened to be a larger sized cache.  This ended up being very fortuitous, since I had a Donald Duck travel bug in my possession that I had acquired in Northern California over Presidents Day weekend.  Both of us couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to drop a web-footed travel bug in Webfoot's 3000th cache find.  Here's to Spoilers and other caches that I will find in the future.

Picture was taken near the following geocache:
Groundspeak Series - Spoilers - by HDGC

Profile for Webfoot