Monday, April 12, 2010

Old caches

Today, I was looking at my profile and some of the stats that I have posted there.  I don't expect many people to look at it.  I keep the stats there mainly as a convenient way of looking over things that I want to keep track of in certain areas.  For instance, I have the oldest caches that I've found in one list.  20 caches, all of which are three digit caches, except the last one. Many of them are on my top 5% list.

Interestingly, I think almost 75% of the caches in this list are still around.  That's a pretty good record, in my opinion for 9 year old caches.  Of the caches listed above, there's only one that's not in California (West of Work #4), which is to be expected since most of my caching happens in California.  Only six of the caches on that list were placed before I started geocaching.  I'm wondering whether I'll be able to find some that predate Wilderness Park Cache, the first cache on the list and also the oldest cache I've ever found.

My first cache was hidden about two weeks after the Manzanar Virtual Cache was hidden and it's still out  there as well.  It gets about two or three finds a year, mainly because it's in a rather remote area up in the mountains.  Most of my caches are like that, requiring a hike to get to and so they don't get many finds.

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