Monday, April 26, 2010

Old friends, new geocachers?

This past weekend, I was fortunate to spend some time with some old and dear friends of mine.  I'd reconnected with some via Facebook recently and one of the women had organized a mini high school reunion for Saturday.  There were several people there that I wanted to see again, so I sent an RSVP to her and showed up.

One of the first people I saw was a man who I had worked with very closely on the yearbook staff our senior year in high school.  The first thing he wanted to talk about was this geocaching thing that I did.  I explained the concept  to him and told him there was a geocache right outside the front door to the restaurant where we were having the reunion and that I'd probably be trying to find it later.  He told me he definitely wanted to be part of the find for that one.

Another woman, also from the yearbook staff, expressed interest as well and as the afternoon ran down, the three of us went out in the courtyard of the establishment and started the hunt.  I showed them my GPSr, told them how it worked and what we were probably looking for.  We were getting a lot of signal bounce because we were in a courtyard with two story buildings around us, but told them that was part of the game sometimes.

We eventually narrowed our search area down, thought about the clue, checked in a couple of places until my first friend pointed out something that matched up directly with the clue.  We went over and checked it out, he got down and checked underneath, but didn't see the cache right away, so I went and checked it out and had the cache in hand.  In his defense, it was hidden pretty well and I had to feel for it rather than see it.  We looked over the contents of the cache and I explained the trading ethics of geocaching that if you take something, you leave something of equal or greater value.

Then, I realized that I didn't have my pen with me, so we took it back inside where I signed the log and we decided to take a picture with the cache.  Both of my friends were intrigued with the concept of the hobby and I may have created a couple of new players to the game.  We shall see, but I have to say it definitely will be fun to see their names in log books later on.

The day was a very enjoyable day of food, friends and fun.  I'm planning on attending more of these impromptu gatherings in the future.  Who knows, perhaps they'll lead to more geocaching experiences with my friends from high school.  That would be fun.

Picture was taken near the following geocache:
Fountains Are Cool (Metrocenter) - by FishfulThinking

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Erika Jean said...

Hopefull you converted them!! lol.

It's always fun to share geocaching with muggles ;-)