Thursday, May 20, 2010

For the Birds

What you see is a picture of a birdhouse.  Nothing much really to tell about it, other than the occupants of said birdhouse didn't want their picture taken that day.  This birdhouse was quite close to a cache and it worked well as, what I liked to call, a distractor.  In other words, it helped us find the cache, because we could use the birdhouse as a reason for being in the area, in essence, loiter without appearing to loiter.

When you think about it, we tend to look like loiterers when we geocache.  It's hard not to look like you're loitering when you're hanging around a bush by the side of the road and every now and then you end up putting your head inside the bush.  I spent the better part of an hour inside a bush last Saturday and ended up with a DNF on that 4 icon challenge cache.  Come to find out it was muggled.  The owner has promised to have it replaced by the time I head back up there next weekend.

But, back to the birds.  As I said, this birdhouse was in the perfect spot for cache hunters, because it provided a reasonable purpose for cachers to be in a particular area, in this case a parking lot.  While we were looking for the cache, we ended up seeing a groundsman drive past us.  We weren't questioned because we made it look like we were enjoying the flowers and taking pictures of the birds, which is really what I was doing.  Had the birdhouse not been there, it would have been more difficult to justify our presence there.

The Western Bluebirds, that were inhabiting the house, apparently didn't want their picture taken.  It seemed like each time I raised my camera to take a picture, either the male would fly off from the perch, or the female would duck her head back inside.  And of course we had one of those, "wouldn't you know it" moments, because as soon as we were back in our car and leaving the area after finding the cache, both birds were outside the house.  Maybe next time.

Picture was taken near the following geocache:

Profile for Webfoot

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