Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Hard Part Begins

In the past, I've always tried to have some kind of goals for my hobby.  If I don't have goals, I don't seem to have as much enjoyment at it.  This year, one of my goals started later in the year.  I had been looking at some challenge caches and thought about some of the goals I could set for myself to get those challenge caches.

A personal goal for me was to "fill" the calendar, that is, find a cache on any date where I hadn't found a cache before.  I figured it wouldn't be that many.  Wrong.  I had over 60 dates where I hadn't found a cache yet.  It's now down to fifty individual dates, but I'm now coming up on my rough patch.  Starting on Tuesday, there are 16 open dates in August and September over the course of 32 days, an obvious average of one every other day.  But if you look at the chart, you can see large stretches of white areas in the calendar.  Fortunately, most of them seem to fall on weekends, but I'm still going to have my work cut out for me if I intend to fulfill this goal by the end of February 2011.  Wish me luck.

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chaosmanor said...

Take heart! While we have fewer days to go than you do - 18 in all, after having gotten our two open dates in August - if you are able to find a cache in each of those as they occur over the next few months, you'll be done before us. We have five open dates, total, in March and April; you'll be done in February.

OTOH, we now six (that I know of; we might have more. I haven't finished going through our list, yet) cache Finds where our find was a year or longer after the previous Find. The sixth came today. I do believe that one could do nothing but cache for Challenge qualifiers, and not have a free day. I can think of worse ways to "waste time" ;-)

Erika Jean said...

Good luck!

Webfoot said...

Thank you.