Thursday, December 9, 2010

And the hard part begins

I found two caches today.  There's nothing really earth shattering about that, but it helped me fill another calendar date.  Almost 10 years of caching and I'd never found one on December 9th before.  But, as the title says, the hard part begins now.

I have 19 days left to fill.  Five are scattered in September and October.  I'm not worried about those, nor am I worried about the ones left in January and February.  I'm worried about the ones that I have to fill in December.  I have 6 more dates in December to fill, four of which are directly in the week of Christmas, including Christmas Day.  As I noted last year at this time, December can be a very tricky month, because it looks like there's all this free time available to do things, like geocaching, yet when all is said and done, much of that first week is tied up in doing things preparing for that big day.

Six open dates in the nice days preceding Christmas Day.  The only date I was able to fill in last year was Christmas Eve.  This should be interesting to see if I can pull it off this year.

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chaosmanor said...

Amazingly enough, we're only four days ahead of you; we need 16 dates, and three of them are in December: the 19th, the 22nd and the 23rd. The 19th is going to be very difficult, I think, as I'll likely be very tired after our long hike together for Pac-Man on the 18th. At least i know of some caches that are within five miles that should not be too tough to grab.

As for the 22nd and 23rd: you and we both need them, so maybe we should text each other every ten minutes or so, just to keep us focused ;-)