Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another picture in the desert

Last Monday, I headed out to the desert to finish up another series of geocaches patterned after the PacMan figure.  We'd actually started the series in December, but weren't able to complete the entire series because it had been raining most of the day out there.  The last ten caches were located in very rocky areas and we didn't want to risk injury due to a slip on wet surfaces, so we waited until better weather to finish it off.

The holiday last weekend provided the best opportunity to finish up the series, so out we drove.  We had two different spots to fix, so we drove down to one of the other caches we'd already found, then shuttled over to the back of the head.  From there, it was just a nice hike to pick up the six we'd missed in that direction.

After lunch, we drove over to another starting spot, hiked up to the cache at the top of the head, then made our way over to the west to get the others.  Hiking in a counter clockwise direction, we found an easy path amongst the boulders down to the road.  We kept looking behind us and were having a hard time picking out our route we'd traveled down. This was the same dilemma we'd had on the 18th of December.  We couldn't see a sensible route up.  We really had made the correct decision to hike those last four in the opposite way than we thought about doing them.

What this all really means is I've had a decent start to the new year as far as caching goes.  I'm averaging right now, slightly over a cache per day.  Last year I averaged over 2 per day. My average will go up as we get into warmer weather, but I'm really not concerned about how many I average, but whether I have fun.  And, I have another picture in the desert.  I already had a Smiley, which is located just to the east of the PacMan.  Then last year in April, we completed the Groundspeak Series.  Next up on our list, whether it happens this year, or possibly next year is a giant Kokopeli located in the southwest corner of Utah.  That one looks to be about a three day adventure, so we'll have to plan this one as an overnighter, possibly camping trip.  It should be fun.

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