Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Giant Smiley

When we geocache, it's all about the smileys, well not really, it's really about the fun. However, every time you log a find, you get a smiley on your profile. We're headed out to the desert this morning to find some caches and in the process we're going to try and get this gigantic smiley. Dog Will Hunt, bigdaddygrc, Mr. G. and Rhino Assault Team apparently have a pretty good sense of humor as well as a great imagination. That series must have taken some time to set up. This is the pre-found image. I'll post another image after we get back, hopefully, with a bunch of smiley's on the map instead of geocaches.

Profile for Webfoot

1 comment:

Just John said...

That's almost eerie. Neat placement, though.