Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How's YOUR Terrain?

One thing I've become very conscious of since breaking my leg is Terrain Ratings on caches. It can be a great boon to the cacher, or a source of much hassle and confusion to the cache owner as they try to figure out "does this cache rate a 2 or a 3? What about if it's a 2 in the Fall but a 4 in the Winter? Why do they keep complaining about it? I can't control the fact that the trail in requires skis or snowshoes in December!"

So, Captain Spaulding and I decided we'd start a "series" of posts about Terrain Ratings. They won't be "DO THIS OR ELSE YOU SHALL PERISH" kind of things, just general guidelines that WE have come up with, based on OUR experiences and discussions with other cachers about terrain ratings.

Watch this space! Coming soon: "Terrain 1: what does it really mean?"

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Tee said...

I wrote an article for Today's Cacher, How to Disable a Cache about this very issue, and several of GC's reviewers use it as a guideline for terrain ratings. I hope it addresses some of the issues you're having. Hope you're feeling and healing well!