Sunday, July 27, 2008

New cache

I received three DNFs on one of my caches, so I figured I'd better go out and check it out. Apparently, the local gardeners had gone a little crazy with the pruning and did a number on that particular cache. That's not the first time, so I figured it was time to archive it and place a new one out there. So now I am the owner of The Case of the Strangled Sycamore.

I had a container at home that I wanted to use for this one, so when I went out there to check on the missing one, I picked up some local material to use as camouflage. With my standard spray paints and camoed the container and then applied the finishing camo. I'd heard about Gorilla Glue in the past, but never had used it before this weekend. I'm a believer. It's some interesting material. Most glues, you apply to a dry surface, but this one you apply to a damp surface. I suspect that there is some kind of chemical reaction that happens with the water and the glue, because not only does it adhere well, it also expands to fill in those nooks and crannies that you might have missed, leaving for a nice bond between surface and material that your're gluing to the surface.

I got two nice logs already for the finds on the cache talking about the nice camo, so I guess I did ok with it. I still have this other ammo can out in the garage and I think I'm going to work out a letterbox hybrid for that one.

Pictures were taken near The Case of the Strangled Sycamore - by Webfoot

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