Sunday, October 26, 2008

Self Inflicted Goofiness

Back in April, while I was recuperating from my surgery, I posted this, which talked about oddities found while geocaching. As I was looking at a recent picture I took, I realized there are also oddities, or as I like to call them, Self-Inflicted Goofiness out there. I looked through my pictures and it was either some silly picture, like 3blackcats "getting stuck" in some finger cuffs. Now everyone knows that finger cuffs are really easy to get out of, but at that point in our hike, we were tired and hungry and a little punchy, so it became almost a running joke, especially since we were finding finger cuffs in every cache we encountered along the hike. So, finally, I took a picture.

Sometimes the goofiness is part of the fun that goes along with the cache find, or in one case, the geocoin find. I found this one geocoin and the owner wanted pictures of people with it placed on their eyes much like you would place a cucumber at a spa. Well, I didn't have anyone else around to help me out on that one, but I tried my best. It's just a silly picture, but it was fun to do.

A cache in my local area presented itself with an opportunity for some goofiness and I took advantage of that one as well. It actually would have been a real treat had the bathtub been full of water that day because I remember the heat index that day being extremely high. The one thing I do remember is I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one in our group that actually decided to get in and have my picture taken. Most of my caching buddies would probably say it was because I'm a frog, or at least I represent myself as a frog as my geocaching persona, while they represented themselves as cats or other such creatures that don't like the water. What ever it was that day, I had fun posing for a picture in the tub.

Sometimes caches have certain requirements. I saw a cache once that had a requirement for logging that any cachers of the male persuasion had to dress like a female in order to log the cache since the cache was for "Ladies" only. Some of the pictures in that gallery are hysterical. My 2000th find was very similar to that. I'd searched out an area looking for a large sized cache in order to log my 2000th find. I found the cache that I wanted to find, and early this past summer 3blackcats and I went out to find it. I knew there were some logging requirements for the cache. Actually, the cache says that if you wear what's in the cache and post a picture of yourself, then you could log it twice. Well, I really didn't want to log it twice since that's not the reason I go out and find caches, but I was in a pretty good mood that day, so I decided to don the garment and get my picture taken at the cache site anyway. It was a fun day and a memorable cache find, especially for one of those milestone caches. It was definitely better than finding an Altoids tin under a lamp post skirt.

What's really cool about most of the pictures that happen to be at caches like this, is that most of the people really enjoy doing goofy things like this. It's probably in our nature to act a little goofy. I know most of my friends and definitely my wife will say I'm more than a little goofy to begin with, but that's the fun of it. Enjoying your hobbies, not taking them too seriously and having fun out there is what it's all about. That's why it's important to be silly or goofy every now and then. Gaawrsh.

Pictures were taken at or near the following geocaches:

2N27 Sand Canyon - by Badgerdawg
Woodyk's #1: Home on the Range - by Woodyk
Altigenman's Wedding - Anything for smiles! - by Altigenman

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Steve Natoli said...

Yep, having fun is what ist should all be about. A nice, amusing post

Hick@Heart said...

Good times. Some of my silly pics have bacome my favorites.