Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thinking outside the box

Yesterday, for the second day in a row, I went out caching after work. Both days, I found three caches. That was fine since I was only looking for larger sized caches. I had decided that I wasn't in the mood to find any micros, so I just pulled them out of my query for these two days and just went for small or larger. Now some people will argue that an Altoids container is really a micro, but I figure that if you can fit a geocoin in the container, then it should be a small. But I digress.

My second find Wednesday was one of those Altoids containers, painted to look like it's surroundings and hidden in plain sight. That's one of the reasons it made my top 5% bookmark list. This particular cache, View of the Birds, by UncleJon was a round Altoids tin with a couple of magnets glued to the inside of the cache. Inside the cache was the standard log book and a couple of marbles, which are Jon's signature item that he places in his caches.

When I first started looking for the cache, it appeared as if I was going to be stymied. I'd searched in all the logical places and had started back to my car. I had the car door open and decided to make one last look back at where I thought the cache was, when it hit me that I was looking in the wrong spot. All of a sudden, the clue made sense and everything fell into place. I made my way over to ground zero, quickly found the cache, signed the log and returned the cache to its hiding spot. When I got back to my car, I looked back again and there was the cache, hidden in plain sight. This was definitely one of those "thinking outside of the box" type of caches, a worthy addition to my top 5% bookmark list.

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