Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bevy of Baubles defines a bevy as a large group or collection and baubles as a small, showy ornament of little value or a trinket. Last Monday after a physical therapy appointment in the area, I stopped by Losel2's Trackables WayStation Cache in order to pick up a couple of travel bugs to take with me on my road trip up to Stockton next weekend. He'd read on this blog that I was making the trip and no one had been by the cache since October 6th, so he asked if I could help him out with some movement of a couple of bugs. I said no problem.

I got to the waystation and he was there waiting for me, with a big box of corn dogs. Well, it really wasn't corn dogs, but the outside of the box said it was corn dogs. Inside were travel bugs. Let me say, inside were a lot of travel bugs and geocoins, exactly 15 in all. Yep, I have quite a bevy of baubles to deposit in caches along the way next weekend. Since most of the caches that I have on my PQ at the moment are small to large sized caches, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I know of at least four travel bug hotels that I can deposit bugs in, plus a couple of other caches that should be large enough to handle at least a geocoin. There is also a traveling cache, but it's not associated with geocaching, but I've logged it at

As you can see by the photos, there are all sizes of travel bugs. Two are rather large beanie baby type of animals, one a bear and the other a penguin. Those will have to go in ammo cans, so they'll be the first to leave the box once I encounter an ammo can on the road. One other large travel bug is a key chain travel bug that has been collecting key chains along its travels. It has to weigh at least 2 pounds and has traveled over 15,000 miles since being released in August 2005. There's a white Jeep that I already had in my possesion, plus a small tech deck bicycle. The rest of the travel bugs are Hot Wheels types or smaller which should be easy to drop into caches that I find. If you look closely, there is a Smurf sitting on top of the ammo can. That one wants to visit the Pacific Crest Trail. I won't be able to get it to the PCT, but since we're headed to Yosemite National Park, we can get it close to the John Muir Trail, at least for picture possibilities. With this many different travel bugs, I should have some interesting possibilities for pictures on this trip. Hopefully, I'll be able to drop them all over the course of the three day weekend.

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Adam said...

wow! i wish i could have some of those!

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Webfoot said...

Getting geocoins and travel bugs is as easy as getting out and finding some caches. I'm amazed at how quickly they sometimes add up when you've been out caching a lot.

They also tend to stay with you awhile too. With all of the tiny geocaches being hidden, it's sometimes extremely difficult to release a travel bug back into the wild.

Hick@Heart said...

Wow, you hit a gold mine. I love those trackable items. So much fun.