Monday, June 8, 2009

My caching partner

The Tadpole, my regular caching partner is a little under the weather today. Early Sunday morning, he was ill, throwing up and just not feeling very well. This is not the first time he's been sick, but it seemed to be the first time where he just wasn't feeling well and complaining a lot about his overall condition. He stayed home from church and was lying on the couch when we got back from church. He was complaining about being in pain, so I asked him generally where it hurt. After he showed me, I decided to probe a little bit and discovered what I needed to know.

I told him to get dressed and we were on the way to Urgent Care to get him looked over by a doctor. Blood work followed and we were then sent over to the Emergency ward to be checked in. Once over there, he was prodded by other doctors, including several surgeons. Eventually, at 8:15 he was wheeled into surgery. An hour later he was in recovery and another hour later he was in his hospital room.

Today, he is resting comfortably, sans appendix. He's already watched all three of the Back to the Future DVDs and I'm sure tomorrow will probably be dedicated to either Jurassic Park or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Since his surgery was done laparoscopically, he'll have a much shorter recovery time and will be enjoying his summer vacation and hopefully will be up for some geocaching adventures in the near future.

As a parent, you're never prepared to see your own child in pain, but I have to say, he held up tremendously well. He kept his sense of humor throughout and was giving us thumbs up only 45 minutes after he was wheeled into the recovery room. His comment to the nurse when told he had to give them a decent assessment of his pain level was, "What pain?" Needless to say, he had apparently been in a lot of pain earlier in the day.

I'll get this blog back to its usual geocaching drivel with my next post.

Pictures were taken at or near the following geocaches:
Cheeseheads on Dirt Mulholland - Dad, Jen, & Beth (Mostly Beth)
Mary E. J. Colter built it - by Yrium and Whistlestick

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P.J. said...

Glad everything worked out for the best and that you knew what was happening. If spirits stay high, I'm sure he'll be back searching for caches in no time! My best wishes!

Just John said...

I'm sorry that your caching partner had such a rough go of it. Here's to hoping that his recovery is speedy!