Saturday, July 11, 2009

Roll Call

Hungry Hungry Hippo? Road Warrior? Pink Dog? Roger Raccoon? chaosmanor's Idaho 2008: Goose Creek Falls - bronze? Not another micro! Geocoin?


Six travelers are coming with us when we begin our caching/camping trip next Tuesday. Unless I get out in the next couple of days to a travel bug hotel, that looks to be about it. Not like that's a bad thing, it just represents a small amount of travelers that I'll be able to move along on this trip. I've moved upwards of 18 bugs and coins on other trips. That was fun, but I'm not sure I'd want to repeat it in the short time frame of 3 days that I had. With 14+ days in which to travel and cache, I have plenty of time to drop travels off at my leisure. I actually wish I had some more.

We encountered several caches while down in San Diego this week where there should have been travel bugs. I think of the 7 caches we found, 4 had listed travel bugs in them, yet all of the caches were empty. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common theme. Either people just don't understand the concept of logging the travel bug onto the geocaching site, or there are a lot more thieves out there then I'd like to believe. I'm hoping it's the former as opposed to the latter.

Most of the goals of the ones that I have are pretty modest. A couple just want to travel from cache to cache. I can do that. One wants to get to the east coast and another wants to get to Delaware. Well, I can get them a little closer, especially if I end up putting them in the eastbound rest area in Montana. That should get them closer. Chaosmanor's geocoin just wants to stay in states that surround Idaho. I'll find a cache in Idaho and leave it there. The Pygmy Hungry Hippo I really like. It wants to share your meals with you. I can think of some great photo ops for this one on our camping trip. That one should be fun to play around with before I drop it off somewhere.

If I get the chance, I'll try to get out to our local travel bug hotel to see if there's any bugs in it. I've found that I like to move travel bugs over geocoins mainly because the photo opportunities can be a little bit more varied with the travel bugs. With a geocoin, you have to zoom in tight so you can see the geocoin, to the detriment of the rest of the background. Travel bugs you can do all sorts of things with and have some pretty humorous images to post later on. If I do get out again, I'll probably just grab the travel bugs. Any that I find on the way, will probably come back home with me for deposit around here.

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