Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do you see what I see?

Picture day.  I wonder where that cache is hidden? The beauty of geocaching is seeing some of the great and creative ways people hide caches. I found a cache once that was hidden on a sign and had become part of the sign because of the camouflage the cache hider had done on her cache. This one was similar, however it really did have a cache. Muggles wouldn't give this one a second glance, however, it really was fairly easy for a geocacher.

Pictures were taken near the following geocache:
San Bernardino County Geocache - by TrekNTerry

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Erika Jean said...

haha awesome!!

Sumajman said...

I once searched for a cache and gave up. I wrote the owner for a clue and he told me I'd be embarrassed when I found it, particularly because I'm a Spanish speaker. It was something similar but written in Spanish and had the word "Geocache" as big as day on it. I was simply not looking for a sign when I needed one. I enjoy your blog.