Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Proximity issues

Last weekend, I hid a multi-cache in an area where I hide many of my caches.  I didn't figure I'd have too much problems getting this one approved since I seem to be the only one who hides caches up in that area for the most part.  I was kind of surprised when I got an reviewer notice stating that my cache was on hold until I cleared up some proximity issues.

Apparently, the second waypoint of my multi-cache was impinging upon a secret waypoint for a puzzle cache in the area.  The reviewer couldn't give me any more information than that, other than to give me the cache waypoint for the puzzle cache.  I was a little confused, since I wasn't aware of any new puzzle caches in the area, but when I looked at the waypoint number for the cache, I realized that it was my own puzzle cache, Cobol Canyon Trail.

I had neglected to take into account my own waypoint when laying out another cache.  I found a really nifty site that will take geographic coordinates and calculate the distance between the two points.  My two points are 447 feet away, about 80 less than what is expected as the minimum distance for cache waypoints set in the guidelines at

After some back and forth between the reviewer and me, I decided that I had a couple of options.  I could archive my puzzle cache and then there wouldn't be a problem with the multi-cache.  This would be the easiest option.  In fact, I could probably take the ammo can from the puzzle, move it 80 feet further away and I'd have two new caches.  I've decided against this one, mainly because I like that particular puzzle cache.  It gets good comments every time it's found.  As most cache hiders will probably attest, a good log on your cache page is worth its weight in photons.

My second option is to move the second waypoint of my multi-cache.  This is the more difficult of the two options, because I would have to make two hikes up to do this, one to get new coordinates and move the cache and the second hike to bring up the new coordinates for the first stage.  I keep the coordinates on laminated paper, so it won't disintegrate in any kind of wet weather.  It's not that this is a problem, because I like to hike, but I don't have the time to do this until sometime next week.  This weekend is already booked and I had hopes of getting this cache up and active sooner as opposed to later.  Unfortunately, I guess it will just have to be later.  That's the way it goes sometimes.

Pictures were taken at or near Cobol Canyon Trail - by Webfoot

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