Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life getting in the way

It's really interesting how life can sometimes get in the way of your goals.  That's all right, because a lot of time, it's really life giving you a wake up call, usually in the form of a large two by four in the middle of your forehead.  For most of the summer, I've had this goal of filling the calendar and it worked well until mid September, when I missed a day.  There was no way around filling this day, because life got in the way.

Since that mid September day, I've missed four other days which will have to be filled next year if I want to finish that goal.  Eventually, I'll finish it, perhaps next year, perhaps not however.  And that's OK, because it's just a game.  Real life is what's important.  In this particular case, that two by four was a good two by four.  It got me to appreciate what I have more than ever before.

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