Monday, January 16, 2012

Please follow me

I haven't posted on this blog in 9 months.  I feel like this particular blog has run its course.  I've started a new blog and I would encourage any of the followers of this blog to come over to A photo a day... especially if you'd like to continue to read about things relating to more than just GPS technology.

I've enjoyed my time writing this blog, but the photography project I started last year took up way more time than I anticipated.  I also felt like I was repeating myself on this blog, writing posts that were essentially similar to previous posts.  Quite literally, I'd run out of things to say on that one.

With my new blog, I'm not keeping it restricted to just geocaching, or just photography.  I plan to expand into other areas.  I think that will keep the content fresh.  It is my intention that the title of the new blog, A photo a day... is designed to keep it in the back of my mind that I will post at least one photo per blog entry.

Thank you all for reading, thank you all for following.  Hopefully, we can start something new and exciting again with my other blog.

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