Thursday, January 10, 2008

First post - a Travel Bug Adventure!

A travel bug named Smokey belonging to "Paws"itraction had quite an adventure!
Cacher GrievousAngel posts:
"On October 30, Smokey was placed in Off Base, a new puzzle cache of mine. At the beginning of December, we had heavy rains and some flooding. My cache should have been well above the flood line, but possibly the high winds blew it out of its hiding place and into the river. The cache, with Smokey inside, floated seventeen or eighteen miles down the river to an island--the last stop before the open waters of Puget Sound--where it was picked up by a kayaker. He is not a geocacher, but he has a friend who is, so he brought the box to his friend. Contrary to GS's recommendation, I had not written the coordinates on the box, but the cacher identified the cache by looking up Smokey's tracking number.

The cacher emailed me before Christmas, and I finally retrieved the cache this afternoon (January 9) with the entire contents dry and intact--thanks to the kayaker, the cacher, the Lock & Lock box and Smokey. I don't know if I can replace the cache yet, but I'm going to put Smokey in a more accessible cache so it can move along.

I just thought this might be an interesting note on your TB's history."

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Ed said...

That is a great story. I remember reading about another cache in Eastern WA that had washed away when the river it was next to overflowed its banks. Months later another cacher found it tangled up in debris along the shores of a lake miles from where it had started out. Had it been someone other than a cacher finding it the odds are it would have never made it back to the owner.
Much like the cache in this story.