Monday, May 11, 2009


This past weekend, I passed a caching milestone. I have now found just over 2500 geocaches. At the moment it's a number, but it seemed to be pretty important to my son this past weekend, so I made sure he was part of it. Saturday we headed out, trying to get the 11 caches we needed, but were thwarted by Father time. We only had the morning, because of other things going on that weekend, and we only found 7 caches. I told my son that it looked like I was going to end up getting my 2500th sometime on the road this next weekend when I went to get my daughter from college. He was visibly upset about that. It was at that moment, I made up my mind, that if I could, we'd get out caching sometime this week and get those last four elusive caches so he could celebrate the milestone with me.

At first, I thought Sunday might work, but it was also Mother's Day and as a friend wrote to me later, "Caching on Mother's Day? You are a brave man." But after talking with my wife and discovering that my other son had a project to work on at a friend's house, the peace and quiet of a Sunday afternoon for her looked mighty enjoyable, so off we went to cache.

The finds came easily yesterday and we were at 2499 quickly. For 2500, we chose a smallish cache hidden by ballerinaprincess, who lists her occupation as a kindergartner. I've met her once and she has hidden some very fun and challenging caches for a person of her stature and age. This one was no exception. It was a decon container hidden in a hollow space in a tree, waist high to a ballerina princess according to the hint.

The Tadpole took my picture at the cache site with cache in hand and he and I logged the cache. After finding one more cache, we came home very pleased with our success of the day. I'm glad I said something about possibly not finding the cache, otherwise I might not have known that he wanted to be there. I need to remember that for future reference.

Picture was taken near Ballerina Decon - by ballerinaprincess

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benh57 said...


This is also a good cache for a milestone:

I found it using Don_J's favorites list, which is bookmarked on that cache.

Webfoot said...

Thanks. I'll have to check that list out.