Wednesday, April 8, 2009

College road trip

Tomorrow marks the first road trip of the season. My older son (the Runner) and I will be embarking on a road trip to visit UC Santa Cruz, where he will be matriculating for the next four years. It hardly seems possible that he's already a senior in high school, and yet, he is there.

Our trip begins as soon as I can get off from school on Thursday. Then it will be a rush to try and beat the traffic in the Los Angeles basin. If we're lucky, we should be in the central valley before 5 o'clock.

Our route will take us up Interstate 5. I don't have much caching planned for the first leg of our trip, mainly because the daylight hours will be spent getting out of the area. I figure we'll eat on the way at a burger place where I know there is a cache waiting to be found. That may be out only cache of the day.

Friday, we have a tour scheduled on campus which should last us a couple of hours. Looking at the map of the campus, it looks large and hilly. My son will get lots of exercise up there, but he's used to that. After the tour, we have much of the day left to enjoy the city of Santa Cruz. Part of our tour will include a walk on the Boardwalk.

Saturday morning, we'll head northeast to Stockton to visit with my daughter at the University of the Pacific. We plan to spend part of the morning driving and caching up there. If things go well, I'll be able to get Alameda County off of my "to do" lists in California, leaving me one county closer to the county challenge cache. The rest of the day will be spent visiting with her, enjoying her campus and going to Easter Vigil service that evening. On Easter Sunday, we drive and cache homeward, traveling down the much friendlier Hwy 99. All in all, it should be a very good trip.

Picture was taken at the University of the Pacific at the following geocache:
Smell the Roses - by PuzzlesRUs

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