Monday, April 6, 2009

This is Sparta!

Having not seen the movie 300, I can't comment and I'm not sure how my son knows about this since he's but thirteen and hasn't seen it, unless it was at a friend's house, but this past Saturday, the Tadpole passed a milestone in his caching, that of 300 finds. Technically, it wasn't his 300th because he's found many more than that, but he's a purist, so it is his 300th find. Confused? You really shouldn't be.

When I first started caching, I didn't think about the possibility of any of the kids developing a life long like to this silly hobby of mine, so I didn't think about getting any one of the kids their own account. Nor did I think about logging the logbook with their name. Whenever we went out as a family unit, I just signed Webfoot, and we moved on to the next cache. Many times, one of the boys found the cache, but neither one of them ever signed a log. Consequently, the Tadpole has found more caches than his official 302 finds that he's logged on line. Like I said above though, he's a purist. He refuses to count those in his find total because he hadn't logged them with his own signature.

I can't even begin to tell you how many he'd actually have if I'd taken the time to put his signature in along with mine, but I would be willing to bet it is close to a couple of hundred more caches. The cool thing about this is that's the way he wants to play the game. This is probably because he realizes it's just a game and that perhaps it's really not about the numbers, although he sure looks happy celebrating a particular number.

The cache before this find was his first find in San Diego County. He's starting to get interested in logging the 58 county challenge which I've written about on numerous occasions. He started to pester me Saturday afternoon about finding a cache down in Imperial County, which for those of you outside of California, is in the southeastern corner of the state. It's mostly desert area, but the Salton Sea is a pretty impressive site, so I can see the interest in heading out there again. I've already found several caches in Imperial County, but I'm more than willing to help him out. I told him that perhaps at Christmas time, when the weather is decent down there in the desert, we might make an overnight stay and find several caches out there. He's up for that idea.

So anyway, here's to you, Tadpole. You are a great caching partner.

Pictures were taken at the following geocache:
Cassattack - by momobomp

Profile for Webfoot


Just John said...

What a neat thing to have such a dedicated cacher right there with you at home!

Steve Natoli said...

Any pastime you can get your kids to do with you is good, even if it's silly and even if you're in the habit of referring to him as a larval amphibian.

Marc said...

Geocaching is best with the kids!

Congrats on your son's 300th find!

I currently do the same as you and sign every log.

Hmmm wonder if my kids want their own accounts.